After Effect (2013) – Trailer

After Effect is a movie about six college students who find themselves desperately in need of cash doing what any college student who needs cash does.  Sign up for a paid research study. What they don’t realize is that they have volunteered their bodies as part of a covert U.S. military experiment.


Worse still, the  “After Effect” of a placebo drug turns humans into zombies and for our students, their only hope for survival is escape.

This film is getting a lot of press right now due primarily to NFL footballer Brandon Lloyd.  Lloyd turned down a reported 6 offers from NFL teams a little over a week ago.

The film also stars Daniel Baldwin and will be heading straight to DVD … for $13 … at Walmart.


Theatrical Release Date: N/A
DVD Release Date: October 8th, 2013

Methodical Productions

Kirk Anderson
Daniel Baldwin
Michael Chinn
Will Clinger
Kristina Cole


David McElroy
Marc Menet

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