Nerf Leads Way With Revolutionary Indoor Training System

Image: Nerf Wiki

Nerf is leading the charge in preparing for the coming storm with their new Zombie Strike line of zombie apocalypse training systems.  This incredible new system allows for proper training in zombie readiness for two groups that have been lagging behind in their preparation.  The junior hunter and those looking for a non destructive indoor training system.
Now, your little zombie hunter can start as early as eight years old in learning the proper technique to dispatch a member of the undead.  From hatchet work to sword and cross bow to blaster, wherever you want to start your child or even start broadening your own weaponry range, you can do so thanks to this new line.
If you can find a Target store that hasn’t been ransacked by scavengers, start your search there.  Two of the blasters have already been released with the cross bow coming this spring.  Hold on, and hold out.  Prices start at $7.99 in what’s left of the U.S. and should be similarly priced here.

Images: io9

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