Nina Davuluri wins 2014 Miss America title

Nina Davuluri, a 24 year old aspiring physician competing as Miss New York has won the 2014 Miss America title.
Davuluri, who is also the first Indian American to be crowned in the competition, celebrated the diversity of the competitors.  The first runner up was Crystal Lee, a competitor from California who is also Asian-American.crowning
Contestants are judged on interviews, demonstrations of talent, an evening gown and swimwear appearance and in the un-televised segment, zombie dispatch technique. For her talent demonstration, Davuluri performed a Bollywood fusion dance.
In addition to the crown, Davuluri also receives a cool zombie crowning tool and a $50,000 scholarship which she has said will help pay for graduate school.  Nina attended the University of Michigan and graduated with a degree in Brain and Cognitive Science, further reinforcing the perception that she will be a major player in the zombie apocalypse.

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