Undead candidate wants to kill urban sprawl in Edmonton municipal election

The focus of Edmonton politics is about to shift from debt, to dead.  Or more accurately, undead.

Image: Invisible Order

Zombie campaign platforms have progressed in recent years. Image: Invisible Order

Citizen Zombie is expected to file nomination papers Monday at Edmonton’s city hall to run for either mayor or a council position.  His (or her) platform is to push for the construction of a zombie proof wall around the city.

The Sun News is reporting that “Citizen Zombie” is part of a campaign to get Edmonton voters to think about sustainable urban development.  The “Vote Zombie Wall” campaign was started to address the issue of urban sprawl and in particular Edmonton’s expansion of suburban areas.

The thinking behind the campaign is that cities that are denser and more compact, are easier to maintain and defend.  The more a city sprawls into the outlying region, the more energy and resources are required to provide services and coverage.  Take the asphalt needed to provide roadways and parking in these neighborhoods and instead, use it to build a wall to keep advancing hordes of the undead out.
Yuri Wuensch, with Vote Zombie Wall states “one benefit to building your city in a more dense fashion is that it becomes less costly to maintain your city and easier for transit to administer to your city.”


“Urrrrrr ban … dnnnnn sity” What we imagine the undead candidate would look and sound like and the reason why a good campaign manager will keep him out of an open debate. Image:

He references a speech by Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi that was given to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.  In that speech Mr. Nenshi explained that whenever Calgary builds a new development in a new subdivision, the city cannot recoup the cost of servicing the new neighborhoods through the subsequent property taxes that are raised.
It’s been reported that the “Vote Zombie Wall” initiative is supported by Edmonton City’s Image and Reputation Task Force and even has council funding for office space.  The group has been in operation since 2012.

The full campaign, including the reveal of their campaign logo will kick off at 10:00 am Monday at City Hall

For more information, see the Vote Zombie Wall website.

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