Hal Douglas – Voice of the Movie Trailer passes at 89

HalDouglasYou most likely wouldn’t know him if you saw him walking down the street from you.  But if you heard Hal Douglas speak, or at the very least, speak three words, you would instantly know his voice.

Hal Douglas took “In a world…” and made you lean forward in your seat to see what magical glimpse of the future you were about to see thanks to the miracle of movie trailers.

Once described as perhaps the most recognizable trailer voice in the business, Mr. Douglas had done voice overs going back to the 70’s, although he has worked in the industry and radio going as far back as the 50’s.

As a fan of movies and one of those guys who went to the theater early to make sure I wouldn’t miss a trailer to see what was coming, I can say that his distinctive style and sound will be missed.  Many times the trailer, or sometimes just Hal, was the best thing showing in the theater that day.

Watch the very funny trailer he did for the movie Comedian after the fold.


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