Detroit Tigers: Zombies won’t stop us, RoboCop to throw 1st pitch

robotigersThe Detroit Tigers have taken a dramatic step in ensure major league baseball carries on through the zombie apocalypse.

RoboCop has been tapped to throw the first pitch at Comerica Park this evening as the Tigers face the visiting Toronto Blue Jays.  Fans will also have the opportunity to see RoboCop’s motorcycle tonight, as it will be on display for both their viewing pleasure and for RoboCop’s use should a zombie outbreak occur.

A RoboCop cheer card is being offered to the first 10,00 fans who enter the stadium.  The large number of survivors gathering in one place had some officials worried that it may be too appealing a crowd and the undead may come to feed.

However having viewed RoboCop’s soon to be released biography all those connected with tonight’s game are confident that should zombie hordes attack, RoboCop will be able to control the situation.

It is expected that there will be a great deal of comparison made between RoboCop’s first pitch and the recent attempt by 50 Cent, or as is he now being called in some circles, 50 Shanked.  It has been estimated that you could remove RoboCop’s HUD, targeting system and arms and he would still throw a better pitch than the one thrown last week by 50 cent.

50 Cent’s opening pitch:

To view RoboCop’s 2014 biography:

To view the original 1980 RoboCop biography:

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