5 reasons I am grateful for the zombie apocalypse

Reason #3.  No More Justin Beiber/Celebrity Douchebags.
celebrity-douchebag-1Now I am not trying to be mean here and I certainly am not singling him out in this … maybe a little, but really it wasn’t all him.
No this is more about celebrity douchebaggery in general.  No more teenage Canadian wanna be ghetto rapping, not so hardcore shirtless 116 pound thugs.  Thug light?  No more celebrity families banking on the success of their parents from 30 years ago but with no actual talents of their own.  No more “hacked” smart phones and laptops with “leaked” “scandalous” pictures in “shocking” poses meant for the partner they are “in love” with, even though they have only had 2 dates, both “leaked” to the paparrazi by their agents who are actually the “reliable anonymous sources close to both stars” telling the world about this new “super-couple” who “coincidentally” each have new projects coming out next month.
Best of all, no more kids trying to emulate these people.  Kids don’t care about them anymore because … ok mostly because TV is gone, but more than that, kids see that their parents and their community are working every day to feed them, shelter them and their parents are putting their lives on the line everyday to do so.

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