5 reasons I am grateful for the zombie apocalypse

Reason #2. Bringing Together The Community.


Yeah we um, don’t party quite like the guys from community, but um … wow.

Before the lights went out and I couldn’t get a Whopper anymore, I lived in a place for nearly 10 years.  Couldn’t tell you what my neighbors name was.  Couldn’t even recognize half of them.  Know a lot of them now, mostly due to the whole rise up, try and eat me, get put down thing, but for those that made it, we help each other, keep an eye on each other and have integrated more than I would have imagined.  Sometimes we even cut loose and have a party.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking society as a whole is coming together to fight a common enemy because we all know that sure as hell isn’t happening.  Scavengers stealing, marauders invading, crazies being all … crazy.  You don’t make nice with everyone but there is a whole lot less of the screw your neighbor mentality. This brings me to the number 1 reason I am somewhat grateful to the zombie apocalypse.

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