5 reasons I am grateful for the zombie apocalypse

Reason #1. Screw Your Neighbor and Other Card Games.

Img Credit: Dallas Nagata White

Img Credit: Dallas Nagata White

I know, I know.  You were expecting some big revealing awe-inspiring reason that the zombie apocalypse is a blessing in disguise.  Well, I said from the title on, these are reason I am grateful for the zombie apocalypse.  And this is another.  I was burning … I hate to say it, I was burning some books I found trying to stay warm in winter when I came across a book called Hoyles rules of games.  I was at wits end, cold, hungry, injured and really wondering why I was fighting so hard to stay alive when everything around me was gone.  But that book saved my life.  I read it and kept myself occupied while I holed up to rest, heal and avoid the initial onslaught of undead.  Later, when it was safe to get back on the road, I found several decks of cards and was able to use them and knowledge gained from the book, exchanging games for a meal at times, a deck of cards for a place to stay, etc.  You see the biggest enemy of survivors besides people, both the dead and those still alive, is boredom.  We as a species have been so connected and inundated with constant images and sensations via tv, computer, cell phone, email and so on that for many of us, unplugging has been a larger burden that ever could have been imagined.
The greatest scourge known to mankind pales in comparison to being left alone with only my own thoughts to entertain me.  Take my food, take my shelter, my weapons or my gear, but touch that deck of cards and I am coming at you.  Hard.
Wait a minute, is that something a crazie would say?  Son of a bit…

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