Fright Nights Returns to the PNE & they want to hire you!

frightnights-2014Here is an employment opportunity where you can promote zombie awareness and get paid!

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) is looking for zombies, villains, evil doers and other supernatural creepy crawlies to staff their annual Fright Nights.
Fright Nights are held on the PNE grounds every year and tens of thousands of visitors have participated.

While not officially sanctioned by the Canadian government, many observers suspect that the annual event is a front and the actual purpose of the haunt is to subtly prepare the average visitor for the coming apocalypse.

Guests will experience obviously imaginary evils like ghosts and ghouls in addition to common human villains and evil doers. But guests will also experience the horrors of the undead with both fast and slow zombies.
And clowns. They always have those damn clowns too.

By exposing the average guest to imaginary evils and then to the very real undead walking among us, it’s expected that the likelihood of each guest surviving their first zombie encounter will rise by 36% putting their odds of survival at almost 38%. They are still screwed for encounters 2 through 27,324 but at least they have a hope in the first wave.

By joining the team at Fright Night, you will be paid an hourly wage to help acclimatize visitors to the undead in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Many other fun and freaky characters are available to be cast as well. You will be made up and will work with professional script writers and may even have the opportunity to sing and dance. Anyone with the availability to work nights and weekends from October 11 to Nov 2nd, who has the ability to wear a costume and likes dark and confined spaces are asked to submit their applications at the PNE website: immediately after getting a note from their therapist.

It’s also suggested that you do not apply if you are a member of the undead due to government health regulations and an abundance of boom sticks on site.

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