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Facebook gives new gender options – undead left out

This past Thursday, something changed for zombie apocalypse surviving Facebook users in the U.S. In a world of ever complicated gender and identity roles, Facebook has taken a large step in allowing it’s users to select from a bevy of new options. From “transgendered” to “gender fluid” and even “neither”, there are now more than

Comprehensive Map of Zombie Classifications

Jason B. Thompson is a Seattle, WA based writer, editor, artist and more, but he could also be one of the best assets in the war against the undead! Mr. Thompson has put together a Kickstarter campaign to create a poster with the most comprehensive listing of different zombie types out there.  Using a vintage

Zombies in SXSW First Wave!

The SXSW film festival doesn’t kick off until March, but already zombies are being represented, although not in the usual manner. Doc of the Dead will see it’s world premier at the annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, Texas and which runs March 7th to 15th. Directed by Alexandre O.

Are the Canucks the undead?

Aimless shuffling, unquenchable rage and no goal scoring have prompted Vancouver health officials, those remaining anyway, to request a meeting with the Vancouver Canucks to see if they have been infected by the rage virus or are, in fact, undead. With recent events in California, many are speculating they the Canucks are in fact zombies. 

City Library Teaches Students Zombie Identification Techniques

The zombie apocalypse is coming to Battle Creek, Michigan and their...

Rage Virus Hits Victoria – Video

Those looking to show that the rage virus has been released...

This is how an awesome wife throws a surprise birthday party!!!

She throws a surprise birthday party.  With a zombie outbreak. And...