Rage Virus Hits Victoria – Video

Those looking to show that the rage virus has been released on an unsuspecting public are pointing to a recent video from Victoria, B.C. In the video a woman can clearly be seen showing multiple symptoms, including initial confusion, aggresiveness and loud shrieks common in those suffering during the change into a shrill rage beast.

Ain’t no undead gonna hold us down!!

Hey, we’ve been quiet these last weeks as we had to take cover.  Our defenses came down and the horde came hard. But we persevered and we’re back, uninfected and better than ever. We’ve been in contact with survivors around the world and we’ve found people who are running some cool events and things that

Toronto zombie apocalypse survivors rally around car show

Survivors of the zombie apocalypse based in and around Toronto have gathered  to check out the latest and greatest in automobile technology during the 2014 Canadian International Auto Show. Running through Feb 23rd, the show features the hottest new trends in automotive zombie combat technology, with a noticeable absence of zombie and combat. Essentially if

Are the Canucks the undead?

Aimless shuffling, unquenchable rage and no goal scoring have prompted Vancouver health officials, those remaining anyway, to request a meeting with the Vancouver Canucks to see if they have been infected by the rage virus or are, in fact, undead. With recent events in California, many are speculating they the Canucks are in fact zombies. 

City Library Teaches Students Zombie Identification Techniques

The zombie apocalypse is coming to Battle Creek, Michigan and their...

Rage Virus Hits Victoria – Video

Those looking to show that the rage virus has been released...

This is how an awesome wife throws a surprise birthday party!!!

She throws a surprise birthday party.  With a zombie outbreak. And...