Ain’t no undead gonna hold us down!!

Hey, we’ve been quiet these last weeks as we had to take cover.  Our defenses came down and the horde came hard. But we persevered and we’re back, uninfected and better than ever. We’ve been in contact with survivors around the world and we’ve found people who are running some cool events and things that

Two Killed in Zombie Movie Plane Crash

A pilot flying a single engine plane and his passenger were killed Sunday night when the small plane crashed during filming of a zombie movie in Marion County, Florida. A cameraman was sitting directly behind the pilot who at roughly 7:30 PM executed a banking maneuver which resulted in a stall. The plane then dropped

KIDS AGES 11 & 13 OUTWIT ZOMBIE … spelling bee

A ZOMBIE spelling bee outbreak couldn’t stop two Missouri children, even though it took competition organizers several hours to finally stop watching the show and rescue them. The children, 11-year old Sophia Hoffman and 13-year old Kush Sharma, fought through 66 rounds before being extracted from the infected area.  Organizers are being criticized for the

City Library Teaches Students Zombie Identification Techniques

The zombie apocalypse is coming to Battle Creek, Michigan and their...

Rage Virus Hits Victoria – Video

Those looking to show that the rage virus has been released...

This is how an awesome wife throws a surprise birthday party!!!

She throws a surprise birthday party.  With a zombie outbreak. And...