The Vegan Zombie – Cook and Survive Cookbook

Join The Vegan Zombie and learn to survive the Zombie Apocalypse with this awesome cookbook/graphic novel.  This vegan cookbook is a must have for anyone who wants to survive when the Zombies arrive.  It has over 85 mouth-watering recipes.  Some of the tasty dishes include Vegan Zomblette, Cajun Risotto Bites and No Killy Philly Cheesesteak. 

Comprehensive Map of Zombie Classifications

Jason B. Thompson is a Seattle, WA based writer, editor, artist and more, but he could also be one of the best assets in the war against the undead! Mr. Thompson has put together a Kickstarter campaign to create a poster with the most comprehensive listing of different zombie types out there.  Using a vintage

Heart & Stroke Foundation Zombie PSA

The Heart & Stroke have a rather … absurd PSA out in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Zombies while still getting some key facts out to the general populace.  Those that are left anyway. It begins, as most zombie apocalypse movies do, with a survivor running to stay alive until she is

Nerf Leads Way With Revolutionary Indoor Training System

Nerf is leading the charge in preparing for the coming storm with their new Zombie Strike line of zombie apocalypse training systems.  This incredible new system allows for proper training in zombie readiness for two groups that have been lagging behind in their preparation.  The junior hunter and those looking for a non destructive indoor

Zombie First Aid

Now, we could nit pick a little here, for example number three is a challenge what with how the handle is positioned, seeing as it’s your right hand you are “operating on” and number 6 is made difficult by the fact you are down an appendage, but over all, we are happy with anything promoting

CDC Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

The CDC provided an excellent resource on disaster preparedness some time back and for those that missed it, we wanted to bring you up to speed. While attempting to offer some tips, they also obviously are under a government mandate not to come across too serious as that could confirm the existence of a pandemic

Zombie Apocalypse Debated in Canadian Parliament

Foreign Affairs minister John Baird pledged in the House of Commons to keep Canadians safe from zombies in response to NDP MP Pat Martin’s surprise line of questioning. This both confirmed the seriousness of the zombie apocalypse, but also that these two North Americans governments have serious…ish plans in place to prepare.

City Library Teaches Students Zombie Identification Techniques

The zombie apocalypse is coming to Battle Creek, Michigan and their...

Rage Virus Hits Victoria – Video

Those looking to show that the rage virus has been released...

This is how an awesome wife throws a surprise birthday party!!!

She throws a surprise birthday party.  With a zombie outbreak. And...