64 Yr Old Woman Injured At San Diego Comic-Con Zombie Walk

Two people have been knocked down with a 64 year old woman suffering injuries at the San Diego Comic-Con Zombie Walk. The injuries occurred as a car drove through a crowd of participants crossing at an intersection.

Video shows the car was waiting for the crowd to pass when for some reason they started honking their horn and began rolling forward through the crowd. It has been reported that the four occupants of the car are a deaf family and had been waiting for the crowd to pass until their two small children became frightened by the numbers of people around them, many dressed as zombies. The man then allegedly yelled at the crowd that they had to get through and he had somewhere to be before starting to move forward.

Once the vehicle started into the crowd occupied intersection, participants of the walk surrounded their car with two people sitting on the hood to protest the vehicle trying to cut through the swath of people.  It’s also been reported that at this point a man began punching the car, eventually shattering the windshield. At this point the vehicle accelerated through the remaining crowd, injuring two.

A 64 year old woman was injured and another man was also knocked down, ironically neither of whom were participating in the zombie walk.

As the vehicle left the scene, a number of the crowd chased the car on foot. The vehicle drove until they found a police officer and then stopped to explain their version of what happened.

No arrests have been made, although the San Diego PD traffic division is investigating the incident.

Video of the incident can be found on TMZ (Although their initial report wasn’t hampered by facts it looks like they now realize there are two sides to a story and the initial report made by the driver appears to be BS) and NBC7 San Diego

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