About ZombieZone.ca

ZombieZone.ca was started as a way to prepare for, kill time during or rebuild after the zombie apocalypse, depending on our perspective that day.

As fans of the Zombie genre we decided to build a site allowing us to connect with other fans, survivors and members of the undead; sharing stories, art, events, news and information.  We report on legitimate news items, but do so in a way that makes them fun, interesting and zombie related.

We’d love to hear your news, entertainment or survival ideas and tips, so feel free to drop us a line whenever you find something you think we should share!

We are also busy developing our Zombie Maul, for all the coolest Zombie related products and services out there.

Affiliate Links

Throughout our site you may find links in advertisements and some posts.  These links may include affiliate links which are ones that if you click on them, we may receive a commission for the sale of the item you are purchasing.

These affiliate links are one of the means we use to pay from the hosting and features we provide on this site.  The commissions paid rarely affect the purchase price, meaning you aren’t paying more for the item, we are simply receiving a small portion for directing customers to products, much the way a salesperson does in store.  On most items, this amount is usually in the 10’s of cents.
It’s not a lot of money, but every little bit helps and we appreciate your support of this site!

If at any time you wish to purchase an item advertised or written about on our site but don’t want us to earn a commission from the sale and can’t find a link to the product elsewhere, please contact us and we will provide you with a non affiliate link.

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