Aerial attack on Canadian islands overrun by invasive rats that threaten populace

Helicopters began an aerial attack last Friday and Saturday on two islands containing hundreds of thousands of rats.  The rats are threatening to destroy the local wildlife, including an especially vulnerable, already at risk ancient mullets.mullet8

Having seen many mullets, we don’t understand why anyone would want to protect them, however we at do not judge.  Mock maybe, but never judge.

Murchison and Faraday islands are the ones involved in the attack and are located in the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve.  The rats were introduced by ships more than a century ago, further building my resolve to never sail on a merchant trader.  For the rats to have survived more than a hundred years, they must be zombie rats.

The aerial program is just one component of an attack that is planned to take 5 years and cost $2.5 million dollars.  The plan is to restore the natural habitat on Haida Gwaii by poisoning everything there…. Seriously.

We tried to ask why a full airstrike was needed and ground crews couldn’t have gone in but could not reach anyone for comment.
Laurie Wien of Parks Canada was quoted later as saying, “They’re very large rats.”

It’s estimated it will take up to two years to know whether the program is successful, even though Wien was quoted as saying “We are recovering rat carcasses, so we know it’s working.”

**Update – Apparently Parks Canada is trying to save the ancient murrelets, an endangered seabird that lives on the islands and not ancient mullets as first reported.  This does make more sense.  **Update

Image MaPP
Image MaPP

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