Alanna Masterson joins The Walking Dead

bfqomwhlme27oqw7The Walking Dead has a new cast member that will be appearing in a recurring role.  25 year old Alanna Masterson will join the cast midway through the fourth season and there is speculation that role will continue on into the fifth season as well.

While not confirmed, there has been talk that she will be playing Tara Chalmers who was introduced in the novel series by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga titled “Rise of the Governor.”  
Masterson is the sister of Danny, Christopher and Jordan Masterson and should be comfortable working with the undead.  Brother Danny starred in “That 70’s Show” for 8 seasons and with the number of episodes the boys acted like zombies around the table, Alanna is bound to have gained some experience with perpetually hungry, intellectually stunted people… That was a great show.

Also added to the series is Christian Serratos who I would know if I hadn’t let my Maxim subscription run out or had watched any of the twilight movies.  Head’s up, Christian’s a woman.  You know, if you want to save yourself some embarrassment while pitching stories. No word yet on her character either.



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