Alarming aspect of “Cronut” burger should have been warning sign of possible outbreak

(QMI Agency File Photo)

With the closure a few weeks ago of two CNE food vendors for food violations, further investigation has revealed a shockingly obvious sign that there was an issue with the food.  The actual culprit that caused the outbreak was the Maple Bacon Jam that was applied to the top of the burger.
News agencies are reporting that this jam was the source of a Staphylococcus Aureus toxin  which resulted in the illnesses reported by over 220 visitors to the fair.
What has not been reported is that this may have been zombie apocalypse related.
Our own independent investigation has revealed photographic proof that whether intentional or not, there was a zombie influence behind this outbreak.
As can be clearly shown in the image to the left, the Maple bacon jam was applied in a distinctive Z pattern.  This letter is known to have close ties to anything zombie related.  So close in fact that, when given the opportunity to develop a unique spelling of the name for an apocalyptic outbreak, the decision was made to go with the more common and widely used Z in the word zombie than the less widely used X, which at least three people we know thought would be cooler.cronut2
When confronted with this startling information and asked how this would influence the direction of the investigation, officials were quick to ignore us and send RCMP to examine our non-existent press credentials.

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