Boy Scouts vs Zombies – Christopher Landon to Rewrite and Direct

Could this little boy scout stop a zombie hoard?
Could this little boy scout stop a zombie hoard?

Paramount Pictures is planning to start production this coming spring on Boy Scouts vs. Zombies about a boy scout troop that are on an overnight camping trip. A zombie outbreak occurs and the scouts must not only survive, but save a local girl scout troop as well.  The movie is expected to be in the vein of the Goonies, the classic movie from the 80’s.

It’s been recently reported that Christopher Landon has been given the nod to rewrite the script and direct the movie when he has completed Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.

The scouts will be in tough, but as long as they have a few more like the one pictured here, this could be a plausible movie.

It’s not known when Boy Scouts vs. Zombies will start filming, the movie has been bouncing around in development for nearly three years.  In 2010 it made the blacklist, a list of unproduced scripts that producers deem to be the best.

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