Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = Gerry Lane of World War Z?

Gerry Lane, the character played by Brad Pitt in World War Z was a man who traveled the world.  Could get in and out of countries with ease.  Could handle a weapon, was a quick, intuitive thinker and had the attributes to survive in any situation that arose.  Governments wanted him, used him and more than that, needed him.

Photo Credit: Flicker
Photo Credit: Flicker

Brad Pitt is a man who travels the world.  Can get in and out of countries with ease.  Has been trained on the use of all sorts of guns and weapons.  Has always shown a quick wit and intelligence when interviewed.  Has the physical prowess to handle himself in most situations and everyone loves him.

Angelina Jolie is a woman who travels the world.  Can get in and out of … let’s save time, she’s everything Brad Pitt is, only with girl bits.  The only difference between them is that governments love her more.  The UN made her a goodwill ambassador  and after she made SALT, they were convinced enough to make her a special envoy.  It’s hard to kick ass as a “Goodwill Ambassador.”

Photo Credit: Flicker
Photo Credit: Flicker

I am not saying that the UN or one or more of the world governments is furthering their careers  in order to cover their real duties as international zombie apocalypse specialists, but it would make sense.  “We have a hot spot in Kenya.”  Send in Angelina, use the cover that she is “adopting” someone.  Outbreaks in Jerusalem and Cardiff, quick send a film crew and Brad, he can make both stops and meet Angelina in Canada.

While unconfirmed at this point, it does explain a great many things.  Why do they have 1300 children.  Why Angelina is so into blood.  Why even their crappy movies do so well.

That said, what are your thoughts on Brangelina Zombie Hunters?  Do you feel safer?


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