Cargo – Short Film

As a father you know a few things instinctively. Boys are not allowed around your daughter, regardless of how old she is. If your son brings home a number of a girl, even if it’s for a kindergarten play date, inside you want to give him a high five. So parenting is, as a dad, instinctive and conflicted.

Now imagine the conflict you as a father would have in a zombie apocalypse. Let me set the stage further. Your wife is dead, you’ve been infected. There is no one else around, except your infant daughter. You know you are turning, you can feel it inside you and you have a bigger priority than your impending death.

Cargo is a short film that shows that conflict and drive to protect your child, even in death.

This film was a finalist this year in TropFest Australia. It’s simple, short and clever and overall a nice outside the box take on the zombie apocalypse.

Writer: Yolanda Ramke

Directors: Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke

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