Chilliwack SPCA needs your help to pay for Angel’s eye operation so we don’t get another Governor

kittengovernorThe Chilliwack, BC SPCA has the opportunity to stop the rise of another Governor.  Angel the kitten was found abandoned and with severe trauma to it’s eye and they hope the public can help with the cost of the surgery, expected to be in the $1,000 range.

Ivanna Ferris, manager of the Chilliwack SPCA may have abandoned the lost and wayward animals there when the apocalypse hit, but she has stood strong against the zombie hordes and has protected those that can’t help themselves.

She, like most survivors around the world, has heard of the horrible stories coming out of Woodbury.  How as bad as things were, they only got worse when the governor sustained his eye injury.  Now she hopes to prevent Angel from turning out the same way.

If we had asked, she may have said “If only someone had helped the Governor after he sustained that trauma to his eye, maybe they could have also brought him back from the path he was going down before Michonne struck.  Now, we have this opportunity to help Angel the kitten.  If we don’t, who knows how she could turn out.  She could become a feline Governor causing pain and suffering to those around her.”

But we didn’t ask.

We do know she did say, “She is a sweet, gentle kitten who seems to know that we are trying to help her. We are hoping members of the public will help us with the cost of surgery, which is estimated at nearly $1,000.”

We have an opportunity to help a 10 week old kitten who, after the surgery is completed, will be matched with a loving forever home.  The kind of environment that will ensure Angel never picks up arms and attacks a prison.  And isn’t that what we all want?

Donations for Angel can sent to the branch at 6797 Hopedale Road, Box 142, Chilliwack, B.C., V2P 6H7, or made by calling 604-823-6612, or through the BC SPCA’s website. 

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