City Library Teaches Kids Zombie ID Techniques

The zombie apocalypse is coming to Battle Creek, Michigan and their youth will be ready!

Already world famous for inventing cold breakfast cereal, a zombie apocalypse staple, Battle Creek is now revolutionizing youth zombie preparedness training techniques.

The Battle Creek Enquirer is reporting that students were invited to the Willard Library’s downtown Helen Warner branch on Monday. Once there, the students commenced training which consisted of creating their own “walkers” using Barbies, other dolls, action figures and paint.


It’s believed the objective of this event was to ensure attendees are able to identify zombies quickly and accurately.

Inaccurate identification has historically resulted in high numbers of survivors being killed by each other in error, thinking regular wounds were zombie bites. It has also resulted in high numbers of survivors being killed by zombies that they mistakenly thought were alive.

Library officials also hope the process will allow them to open a dialogue with the youth about protection during the zombie apocalypse. Too many youth around the world think they are practicing safe zombie apocalypsing but statistics show otherwise as the number of undead continues to grow.

Watch for an expose on 5 of the biggest myths teens have about the spread of the apocalypse later this week on this site.

At this time the library has two other events planned for teens from grades 6 to 12, but these are geared more for the rebuilding phase long after the zombie apocalypse has ended.  The first event is a brushbot building workshop, the other an introduction to building robots.

For those in the Battle Creek area, you can find details at Willard Library or by calling call 968-8166.

Original pictures from FaceBook/Willard Library


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