College Student Creates Waterproof T-Shirts And Unknowingly Helps Fight Against the Undead

silicshirtsAamir Patel is a 20 something college student who saw something that could help in the fight against the undead, although he didn’t know it at the time.  A couple of years ago, a company called NeverWet created a spray on coating that would make nearly any surface waterproof.  To showcase their invention they created a couple of YouTube videos demonstrating the effectiveness and in doing so, garnered over 15 million views.

Patel was one of those, ordering the product when it finally became available and applying it to one of his t-shirts.  What he found was at first disappointing and then quickly became alarming.  Once applied to the shirt, the product caused it to stiffen and become sticky.  When he machine washed it, the t-shirt was ruined.  All disappointing, but what came next was even more disturbing.

The label on the back of the can stated that the product contained a chemical known to cause cancer and birth defects.  Further research turned up reports on Buzzfeed that the revolutionary spray coating could even cause brain damage.  Patel claims that an hour after wearing the shirt he felt symptoms himself, including dizzyness and shortness of breath.  At first we presume he was worried that he had been infected by the undead, but probably quickly realized he hadn’t seen a real zombie in person yet.

Fast forward to this past January and after a year and a half of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign, orders are now being taken for t-shirts featuring all the hydrophobic benefits he originally was looking for and none of the potentially cancerous chemicals found in the orginal spray can he tried.  In fact, Patel states there are even some anti-microbial properties in these t-shirts that will assist with helping keep them sanitary.

So how does this help in the fight against the rising hordes of undead?  Imagine lightweight clothing more waterproof than anything else out there.  Patrolling in the rain in heavy gear wears you down, weakens your immune system and as we know, besides being infected by your local type of undead, disease and infected wounds are huge foes of mankind as we try to stay alive.

Taken further, these shirts may become a first wave of protection for those actively fighting.  Imagine the blood of an infected individual spashes on you but immediately falls off your clothing with no future threat of accidental contamination.  As we now know, certain types of rage virus carriers are able to pass the infection with a single drop of blood.

With a nanotechnology application process bonding silica particles right to the fibers in the fabric, this could offer multiple benefits to all survivors in all walks of life.  Patel was able to find enough surviving citizens of the world online to raise over $300,000 on Kickstarter to fund the manufacturing and shipping of his t-shirts over the coming months.  He has even said he may expand into other forms of clothing created with the same process.

A quote that wasn’t made by him but we think he might put out there has him saying “I could never have imagined that one day an idea of mine could help humanity in such a large way against the massive challenge we have in defeating the undead.”  That said, in another quote of his that can be in no way attributed to him, he says “Stay frosty!”  You choose.

For more information you can watch the video below or visit the following:

Silic Shirts Website
Silic Kickstarter Campaign
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