Comprehensive Map of Zombie Classifications

mapofzombiespartialJason B. Thompson is a Seattle, WA based writer, editor, artist and more, but he could also be one of the best assets in the war against the undead!

Mr. Thompson has put together a Kickstarter campaign to create a poster with the most comprehensive listing of different zombie types out there.  Using a vintage medical illustration style poster, he identifies over 350 types of zombies.  To do so, he has spent years researching movies, books, games, T.V. shows and more. Obviously since the apocalypse began he has most likely been able to substantiate his research with real life zombie apocalypse data as well.

Originally trying to raise $1000 to develop this incredible tool for humanity, his target has been exceeded more than eighteen times over as survivors around the world look for a tool to better help them fight back against the undead … or a cool wall poster.

The Map of Zombies will be a 24″x36″ poster showcasing zombies of every imaginable type in a very cool visual format.

If you want to contribute to his Kickstarter campaign or just want more information on this fantastic poster, check out the following links:

Map of Zombies – Kickstarter – Both his personal website and home of Mockman Pressmapofzombiesoriginal

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