Conquest Vehicles Inc Unveils Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle


Conquest Vehicles Inc of Toronto has recently started offering a second model in their line up of ultra luxurious, fully armoured survival vehicles.


The Evade is all military on the outside, featuring  a custom built exoskeleton, a V7 rating which means it can stop armor piercing rounds at close range and can even take a direct hand grenade blast to the undercarriage.

Open the doors though and you see a luxury interior worthy of some of the richest people in the world.  Wool carpet, leather coated seats, electronics, humidor, slide out bar beverages and more.

CEO’s collectors and even members of the Saudi Royal family have bought them, with the latter paying $50,000 just to ship it home.

All this and it was built right here in Canada, using some of the best engineering, fabrication and technical minds in the country.

Better start saving up now though, the starting price on these is jus889306388930628893061t over $575,000.


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