Coronavirus is Changing Your Con Experience

With over 80,000 cases of coronavirus around the world and almost 3,000 fatalities, the entertainment industry, like all others, has been affected in multiple ways. Film and tv productions have gone on hiatus with several concerts being postponed or cancelled as well.

Toronto Star editor Debra Yeo and her husband Jack Boland pose with Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead at Fan Expo Canada.__ Uploaded to TheStar by: Yeo, Debra

As we enter Con season in North America, we have yet to see any cancellations though we are already seeing changes to fan experiences because of health concerns. Several Cons have posted updates and notifications on their websites with how they are addressing concerns.

In addition, several celebrity guests at different Cons have publicly stated they are limiting their interactions with fans, no longer offering handshakes or even fist bumps in some cases.
With the sheer number of guests that travel from around the world to attend Cons and fan festivals, it’s easy to see why. The upcoming Seattle Emerald City Comic Con had over 98,000 visitors last year.

Many celebrities get up close and personal during autograph or photo-op sessions, posing for pictures in a relaxed and fun way. Pictured above is a great example with Norman Reedus interacting with fans in Toronto in 2017. This year it’s likely that there will be additional restrictions during these normally casual experiences.

If you have booked an autograph or photo-op session, it’s suggested you check the Con page as well as the celebrity’s social media accounts for more information on what, if any, restrictions they are putting on interactions.

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