Family game becomes go to training system for new zombies

A family game has become the go to training system for newly turned zombies. Chow Crown, put out by Hasbro Gaming, has quickly proved invaluable for the recently undead to hone their targeting and co-ordination skills.

While initially offered as a game rated 8+ and guaranteed to provide family night laughs, several zombies noticed it could be useful in helping them improve bite accuracy.

It’s all fun and games until Mom’s a zombie trying to get a piece of you

Studies of infected individuals showed a 29% increase in bite accuracy for those who have had the virus for over 3 days. Remarkably, those infected within 24 hours who utilized the training system saw an increase in bite accuracy 67% higher than traditional TWD levels.

A human researcher we spoke with who requested we not publish their name said “This means there is cognitive activity far longer than we thought. Long term, perhaps the FIDO theory will be possible.”
For those not familiar with it, the FIDO theory is based on a 2006 Documentary in which the undead were trained to perform household chores and simple tasks.

We also had the opportunity to speak with a zombie researcher who would only identify himself as Braaains.
When asked if he was excited about the possibility of higher transmission rates through increased bite performance, he gave a resounding “Brains.”
As a follow up to what this would mean for his fellow walking dead, Braaains went on to say, “Brains.”

We reached out to Hasbro for their thoughts on the game they market to families being used to train new generations of undead but we think their media relations people might be dead. Seriously, we’ve been trying to get a hold of them for months about some other unrelated stuff and there’s been nothing. Complete radio silence.

Humans: looking for a fun game to play when the hordes aren’t surrounding your shelter, can buy Chow Crown from Amazon at the following link:

Zombies: looking for the zombie training system, find a human that ordered it and ambush the delivery person.

Check out the training system in action below:

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