Forget Everything Else – My Zombie Apocalypes Needs This! Meet Coolest!

coolest-1Look let’s be honest here.  If all we do all day is whack the undead, run from the undead, eat, sleep and dream of the undead, we might as well be …. dead.  Then we’d rise and oh look, now we’re the undead.

But a new KickStarter campaign has launched and somewhere on my sweet zombie apocalypse ride, I am making room for Coolest, my latest reason for fighting the good fight.

Cooler, blender, speaker, storage device, cutting board, bottle opener, light and USB charger.  I have a rule, if I can’t use an item for 3 or more things, I don’t want it.  And the Coolest cooler does all the above and more.

The fact that coolers haven’t changed in 50 years gnawed … get it? … gnawed on Ryan Grepper’s mind.  All the inconveniences and annoyances didn’t make sense.  So, being the bright zombie apocalypse surviving guy he is, he designed a better cooler.

Unsuccessful in his first attempt at crowd-funding the project, his persistence, openness to ideas and suggestions and ability to survive the initial onslaught of the zombie horde has resulted in his vision coming to life.

Initially looking for $50,000, the Portland, Oregon inventor has, at last check, raised over $431,000.  Good news for us all, because that means there are a lot of people out there who have survived the zombie apocalypse and almost as important, I can have a margarita again.

Seriously, ask yourself what has been missing.  Go on. Since the fall of civilization and the realization that the dead aren’t good at staying dead, but are good at making you dead, what is the one thing that’s been missing?

That’s right … A margarita beach party.

Grab a couple of solar panels or some gas for the generator, your bikini or Hawaiian shirt, maybe a lawn chair and let’s head down to the beach!

Thank you Ryan Grepper!  If this whole zombie thing ends well and we get the chance to meet, I am going to make you a blended drink!

Details on the KickStarter campaign and how you can get your own Coolest cooler can be found here.

(By the way, it looks like retail on these is going to be $299US, but if you get in on the KickStarter pledging, you can get yourself one for a pledge of $185!)

coolest-2 coolest-3 coolest-4 coolest-5

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