Guildford Town Center Mall Renovated to Zombie Apocalypse Standards


Ivanhoe Cambridge, owner of several shopping malls around BC has invested $280 million in upgrading their Surrey Town Center property in the Guildford area of Surrey to Zombie Apocalypse standards.  Meaning, when the zombies come, it’s Dawn of the Dead time.

Expanding to 1.2 million square feet and adding 70 new stores to the already existing 200 means this is your one stop, post apocalyptic destination.  The mall even comes with a built in self sustaining air scrubber as they have installed a 10,000 plant living wall.

Graeme Silvera, Ivanhoe Cambridge’s vice-president of retail development, Western Region for obvious reasons could not come out and say the renovation was in preparation for the coming apocalypse, but read between the lines of what he did say and the message becomes clear.

“(We’ve got) all of the tenants that were attracting people to go over the Port Mann Bridge,” he said. “They are recognizing the market (in Surrey) is as big as the Vancouver market, and this bridge possibly with the tolling is going to convince people that they want to stay on this side of the river now.”

You don’t need a translator to understand the message there is “We need places to gather and as the zombie apocalypse stretches out from days to months to years as it inevitably will, infrastructure will crumble and collapse.  Stay off the bridges and join our community.”

IVANHOÉ CAMBRIDGE - Opening of Guildford Town Centre IVANHOÉ CAMBRIDGE - Opening of Guildford Town Centre IVANHOÉ CAMBRIDGE - Opening of Guildford Town Centre


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