Harvard confirms book bound in human flesh – Petition to prevent Bruce Campbell from speaking out loud launched

The post apocalyptic remains of CNN are reporting that a 19th century book donated to their library in 1934 was bound with the skin of a human being.
“Des destinees de l’ame” was written by French author Arsene Houssaye, who presented the work to a friend in the 1880’s. That friend, D. Ludovic Bouland reasoned that “A book about the human soul deserved to have a human covering,” which he proceeded to do.

He then outlined what he had done in a note left in the work. In that same note it was explained that the skin used had come from an unclaimed female mental patient who had died of a stroke. Because the story wasn’t creepy enough already.

Book binding with human skin has had a place in human history going back several centuries. According to the CNN article, the written confessions of criminals would at times be bound in their skin once convicted and certain individuals would request they be memorialized for family members by having their skin used as the cover of a book.

For many, the discovery of a human skin covered tome draws eerie sililarities to the Necronomicon which played a key part in the Army of Darkness movie. While “Des destinees de l’ame” is a real book that doesn’t contain spells and the Necronomicon is a fictional, non skin covered book of spells, the similarities are too much for some people.

A facebook page has been created and already there are oneses of people signing up to petition against letting Bruce Campbell read from or speak around the book for fear of what evil could be unleashed. Campbell was playing a character named Ash Williams when the script required him to hold the “Necronomicon” and repeat three words. He notoriously flubbed them and ended up actually raising the Army of Darkness.

Studio officials to this day are unsure how repeating the three words resulted in an actual demonic uprising, however they quickly siezed the opportunity that came with it. As the studio no longer had to create special effects for the movie and were able to instead focus on filming the chaos Bruce Campbell had created, they were able to save money, keeping the budget to roughly $13 million. A far cry more than the originally budgeted $8 million, but much less than it could have been.

With Bruce Campbell raising so much evil with a fictional book, the creators of the online petition are adamant that he never read or go near a real book this creepy, hence the petition.

Bruce Campbell could not be reached for comment due to the restraining order he has against us.

Ludovic Bouland could not be reached for comment due to death.

Scarlett Johannson could not be reached for comment due to both not having anything to do with this story and another restraining order.

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Click HERE for details on the “Stop Getting Restraining Orders to Stop Me From Stopping By Cause I’m Really A Hell Of A Guy” foundation.

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