Indiana zombie couple marries

A couple in Indiana have wed, making them the first zombies married in the state.  Abby Riggs and Thomas Ehmer exchanged vows Saturday afternoon on the Ball State University Quad. bilde

The bride, dressed in white was stunning as most of her flesh stayed on and remained moist thanks to the dripping blood off her many scratches and wounds.  The Groom, wearing a black tuxedo looked like he had been decomposing longer, however he made it work with his selection of sunglasses and what we think was facial hair, but may have been mold.

There was some confusion over the vows as no one could quite understand what was being said, but generally speaking it was considered a beautiful wedding by those not eaten.

After the ceremony the couple participated in the annual zombie walk with 200 other zombies in an effort to raise funds for a local food bank.

It was noted by one observer that this made the couple Indiana’s first zombie married couple.  That’s one more wedded zombie couple in Indiana than there are same sex couples who are married.

bilde2 Capture

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