Indonesia volcano forces 15,000 to flee; airlines warned to avoid Ash

A volcano in Indonesia has forced nearly 15,000 residents to flee since it became active over the last week. Officials have warned local airlines to avoid flying near the mountain as the air is filled with Ash, which continues to spew from the crater.Untitled-2

The warning was issued for small planes serving short-haul flights in the region according to the Associated Press.  Small eruptions continue to compound the issue at Mount Sinabung, apparently not pronounced like the yummy cinnamon bun chain.

This particular volcano had been dormant for the past three years, but erupted Sunday with a larger eruption happening two days later.  Smoke and Ash were launched nearly 3 kilometers into the air and has ignited multiple fires around the immediate area.

The last eruption at Mount Sinabung was in 2010 and killed two people.  It is one of nearly 130 active volcanoes in the region.  There has been no word yet on how the Ashes got in the volcano or why there are so many of him.

Officials say we weren’t even trying with this story, but they did appreciate the poorly photo-shopped image included.

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