Infection (2020) Movie Trailer

Infection (Infeccion) is an award winning Venezuelan film in the vein of 28 Days Later. The story is a simple one about a father trying to save his son as an epidemic hits Venezuela. After sending his son to the boys grandparents for a visit, Venezuela quickly deteriorates into chaos as a variation of the rabies virus wreaks havoc. With one goal, saving his son, Dr. Vargas embarks on a harrowing and deadly journey across his devastated homeland.

The trailer reveals some nice effects and story elements from writer/director Flavio Pedota. There also seems to be a lot more to this movie than just traditional zombie lore. Pedota made a point to use the film to provide a social commentary on the current state of Venezuela.
Judging by the current government’s decision to arrest him if he steps foot in the country again, it’s safe to assume he did a pretty good job.

Infection has won a few small film festival awards and is definitely a film I’ll be checking out soon. If you see it, let me know in the comments what you thought!

Digital Release Date: March 14th, 2020
DVD Release Date: March 14th, 2020

Official Facebook: Infeccion
Official Website: N/A

    Luz Creativa Producciones

    Flavio Pedota

    Flavio Pedota

Rubén Guevara
Leonidas Urbina
Magdiel González
Genna Chanelle Hayes
Isabel Bertelsen
Yon Henao Calderón
Luca de Lima

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