Kickstarter hacked – bad idea to crowd-fund hacking lessons

kickstarterKickstarter has announced it has been hacked and is urging all survivors of the zombie apocalypse to change their passwords.

The announcement was made Saturday, with CEO Yancey Strickler stating that among the compromised information were usernames, passwords, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses.

It is unclear how many accounts may have had their data compromised although a news release stated they had no evidence of unauthorized activity on any more than two known accounts.

Kickstarter allows people to post their ideas for products and projects and raise funds via donations from users.  According to the site, 5.6 million people have helped fund 56,000 projects since its creation.  Of those, well over 1,100 are zombie related or themed.

Due to the number of undead between here and the Kickstarter head office, we have been unable to get there to ask Mr. Strickler whether they will continue to crowd-fund hacking tutorials but around the office here we think most likely not.


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