KIDS AGES 11 & 13 OUTWIT ZOMBIE … spelling bee

zombee1-665x385A ZOMBIE spelling bee outbreak couldn’t stop two Missouri children, even though it took competition organizers several hours to finally stop watching the show and rescue them.

The children, 11-year old Sophia Hoffman and 13-year old Kush Sharma, fought through 66 rounds before being extracted from the infected area.  Organizers are being criticized for the amount of time it took to rescue the children as 23 other children were lost.  Rather than save them at the first sign of the outbreak, officials watched as they endured round after round.

When asked what caused them to come to their senses and pull the children out of this terrible situation, Mary Olive Thompson, a library outreach manager and co-co-ordinator said, “at about 2 o’clock, I think we were all really tired.”

“It was legendary,” said Thompson. Saturday’s competition went 66 rounds, she said, while last year’s bee ended after only 21.

At this time we are unclear of the rules, however it appears that for each correctly spelled word, the children would receive something with which to defend themselves against the undead.
“Scherzo,” “fantoccini” and “intaglio” were among the words Kush correctly spelled in the late rounds, while Sophia nailed words such as “schadenfreude, “mahout” and “barukhzy.”

I would be dead.

When asked why putting children into life or death or un-death spelling situations was so appealing, Thompson replied, “It was almost magical.”

With both children surviving the spelling bee, officials have no choice but to continue the spectacle March 8th in one of many undisclosed underground zombie death-match libraries.  The “winner” will then proceed to the national spelling bee in Washington, D.C. where they have outlawed the use of zombies.

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