Living Dangerously – Zombie Pranking Norman Reedus

normanprankWe all know they are just actors.  They aren’t real zombie killers, you know, like those of us living the apocalypse.  But they do a damn fine job of it.  They are trained in weaponry, survival tactics and more.  So zombie pranking one of the deadliest zombie killing actors out there, Norman Reedus, seems like a bad idea.

Norman plays Daryl on AMC’s The Walking Dead for those of you who were ill prepared and didn’t do your research before the apocalypse hit, and so you know, he is bad ass.  The motorcycle riding, cross bow toting character is the gnarliest man to wear a poncho since Clint Eastwood and where he goes, zombies die.

With a pre-zombie filmography that includes the two ultra-cool and ultra-violent Boondock Saints movies, I don’t know that I would take my life in my hands and zombie prank the man.  Thankfully, there are others out there with less of a survival instinct than what I have.

So how does Norman Reedus handle himself when the undead strike for real?

Watch the video and see for yourself!

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