Man brews beer in stomach – This is an outbreak I could live with!

A 61 year old man in Texas is able to create alcohol in his stomach.  Yes, Jesus has water into wine, but Billy Jim Jo Bob (not his real name) converts starchy foods like pasta and bread into Ethanol or Ethyl alcohol.  Teach a man to drink and he drinks for a life time.  Build it into him and he drinks for a life time for free!

Who needs a bottle when you have a built in keg. Image
Who needs a bottle when you have a built in keg. Image (Not the man in this story)

Apparently this is a bad thing, as doctors have developed a plan to prevent his stomach from making more happy juice.  The plan requires him to follow a low carb diet and he has also been prescribed anti-fungal medicine.

The cause of the man’s … affliction is thought to be an infection of high levels of of a yeast used in alcohol fermentation and baking.  It’s suspected that when the man was put on antibiotics after surgery in 2004, they might have killed the naturally occuring, helpful bacteria in his stomach.  Without those, the yeast was able to thrive in his system.

His wife, who’s a nurse, began to give him breathalyzer tests.  After, they sought medical help, however when initially seeking treatment, the man wasn’t believed.  Doctors thought he was a closet drinker, denying a problem to his family.  When they placed him in isolation monitoring his diet and he blew a blood alcohol level of .12, they realized something was amiss.

While rare, this has happened before and is actually called Gut Fermentation Syndrome or Auto-Brewery Syndrome.  Other known cases over the last few decades include a 13 year old girl who was most likely grounded a lot before her condition was discovered and a 3 year old who became intoxicated after drinking a fruit drink.

As yet there is no published process to kick start this in your digestive system, but when we find it, provided we are coherent enough, we will let you know.  This looks to be an excellent post zombie apocalypse way to maintain alcohol stores … except we haven’t quite figured out the logistics of buying a round for your friends yet.

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