New Brunswick horse knows something


A horse in New Brunswick knows something and sadly he can’t tell us what.  The colt had been left alone on a property in Hampton N.B and wound up on the roof of it’s owners home. It had climbed a small knoll at the back of their garage, gaining access to the unlikely horsie hangout.

What they don’t know, even after 15 years of experience with horses is what motivated the young colt to go there.  Often, in times of extreme duress, animals instincts kick in and drive their actions.  This is the fight or flight response and it occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.

When looking at the options, the horse can outrun most predators and, in times of peril, even attack with what can be deadly weapons, it’s hooves.  Obviously the horse knew the undead that were coming would not tire or give up, so it retreated to the only place it could find that was inaccessible to the zombies.

As to why the zombies were not seen by the owners when they arrived home, the answer is once again obvious.  A local dog led the zombies away.  What none of the other news agencies are reporting is that there are multiple lost dogs in the area, a sure sign of zombies.

Thank you lost doggie.  We hope you survived, but your sacrifice to draw the zombies away from human settlements will not be forgotten!


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