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US News

City Library Teaches Kids Zombie ID Techniques

The zombie apocalypse is coming to Battle Creek, Michigan and their youth will be ready! Already world famous for inventing cold breakfast cereal, a zombie …

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Canadian News

Rage Virus Hits Victoria – Video

Those looking to show that the rage virus has been released on an unsuspecting public are pointing to a recent video from Victoria, B.C. In …

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International News

This is how an awesome wife throws a surprise birthday party!!!

She throws a surprise birthday party.  With a zombie outbreak. And guns.  And extra ammunition.  I love her!!!    

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Zombie Entertainment

Bad Lip Reading – The Walking Dead

To help you prepare for the new season of the Walking Dead, the folks from Bad Lip Reading have put together a video answering all …

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US News

64 Yr Old Woman Injured At San Diego Comic-Con Zombie Walk

Two people have been knocked down with a 64 year old woman suffering injuries at the San Diego Comic-Con Zombie Walk. The injuries occurred as …

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Zombie Lifestyle

5 reasons I am grateful for the zombie apocalypse

Reason #3.  No More Justin Beiber/Celebrity Douchebags. Now I am not trying to be mean here and I certainly am not singling him out in …

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Movie Trailers

Breakdown Lane (2017)

  We’re back and we’ve got a new trailer for you.  This was filmed in Drumheller, Alberta so a quick shout out to all the …

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Forget Everything Else – My Zombie Apocalypes Needs This! Meet Coolest!

Look let’s be honest here.  If all we do all day is whack the undead, run from the undead, eat, sleep and dream of the …

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