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US News

US Shrimper catches BOW, proof of T-Virus leaking into ocean

The capture of a Bio-Organic Weapon (BOW) in Townsend, Georgia has sent ripples of fear down those survivors living up and down the Atlantic coastline. …

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US News

Naked bowling – It’s a thing & could help prevent spread of zombie infections

It seems far fetched, at first glance, the concept of naked bowling being an aid in the fight against the spread of zombie infection rates. …

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Zombies in Movies & TV

Muppets & The Zombie Apocalypse

May is Zombie Muppet Month …. You’re right, I’m making that up. Although with so few of us left, who would know. There are so …

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Zombie Lifestyle

Celebrating Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the … beauty and um … appetites of all those Zombie Mothers out there!

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US News

NASA confirms “blood moon” blood not contagious and not really blood

A blood moon will be occurring tonight, but NASA scientists that we haven’t spoken with and we are not sure survived, tell us there is …

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US News

Two Killed in Zombie Movie Plane Crash

A pilot flying a single engine plane and his passenger were killed Sunday night when the small plane crashed during filming of a zombie movie …

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Movie Trailers

Hercules (2014)

  “The Rock” or Dwayne Johnson as he goes by now has a new movie coming out July and in it he stars as the …

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Canadian News

Two zombies spotted at major fire may be stoned & not actually zombies

Two zombies were spotted inside the perimeter this afternoon in the Port Kells area, this after a major fire destroyed a building which may have …

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