Paramount runs doubles bills of Star Trek Into Darkness and World War Z

World-War-Z10__130614054107-275x171__130828010415Gone are the days of yesteryear when you took the two bits you earned baling hay for the week and went down to the old matinee show theater.  In reality I wouldn’t know as that was whu-haaaaay before my time.  With that said, I do remember the occasional double bill movie playing although it’s more a recollection from the occasional drive in you can find that shows two films most nights and three on weekends.

Star_Trek_Into_Darkness_32-300x178__130828010731-275x163Paramount obviously remembers and they are taking us back for a week of two fer movies featuring World War Z and Star Trek Into Darkness.  This is only happening at select theaters however so you might be out of luck depending on where you live.

Combined, these two movies have grossed just under $1 billion for the studio, so perhaps they are trying to squeeze the rock a little more to get there.  Regardless, neither of these movies are flops, in fact World War Z is Brad Pitt’s largest box office film and a sequel has been confirmed already for Star Trek Into Darkness.

If you haven’t seen either or these … and let’s be honest, even if you’ve seen both, it’s a great opportunity to catch them both again on the big screen before you are given the opportunity to own them both just a month or two down the road.

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