Rabid (2019)

A beautiful woman with dreams of becoming a fashion designer lives a quiet life while pursuing that goal. As the result of an unfortunate and truly horrific accident, our heroine Rose, finds her beauty marred as her her face sustains terrible damage. Determined to do whatever it takes she partakes in an experimental stem cell treatment to repair the damage. The results work better than could have been expected and she becomes prettier and stronger than ever. And there’s that side effect.

Theatrical Release Date: Oct 11, 2019
DVD Release Date: N/A
Official Website: Little Monsters on HULU
Official Facebook: Little Monsters Facebook
   Screen Australia
   Protagonist Pictures
   Made Up Stories
   Snoot Entertainment
   John Serge
   Jen Soska
   Sylvia Soska
   Jen Soska
   Sylvia Soska
   Laura Vandervoort
   Benjamin Hollingsworth
   Ted Atherton
   Hanneke Talbot
   Stephen Huszar
   Mackenzie Gray
   Stephen McHattie
   Kevin Hanchard
   Heidi von Palleske
   Joel Labelle
   C.M. Punk
   Edie Inksetter
   Tristan Risk
   Sylvia Soska
   Jen Soska
   Vanessa Jackson

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