Reedus & Hounsou to Film AIR in Vancouver – Robert Kirkman to Produce

Norman Reedus, the zombie killing star of The Walking Dead and Djimon Hounsou, two time Oscar nominated star of “Blood Diamond” and “In America” will be in Vancouver this March to start filming the movie “Air”.  Robert Kirkman who is the creator of The Walking Dead comics and a writer and producer on the AMC television series will be producing the movie.

Set in a world recovering from nuclear fallout that has turned the atmosphere unbreathable, Reedus and Hounsou are two custodians in a subterrainian cryogenic facility tasked with keeping the sleeping scientists located there safe.  The scientists are the last hope to re-establish society once the air has been cleaned and is again able to support life.  After years of isolation the two battle to maintain both sanity and safety as one of their air tanks is damaged and they begin to turn on each other.

Many Vancouver fans of Reedus are hoping that his filming schedule will allow for him to attend the Vancouver Fan Expo this year, especially as he had to cancel his appearance at last years event.  No announcements have been made as yet by him or the Fan Expo website.

Reedus, 45, plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead and is also known for starring in the cult favorite The Boondock Saints and its 2009 sequel.

Hounsou, 49, is currently finishing filming the Fast & Furious 7.

Fan Expo is occurring April 18th – 20th, 2014.  Tickets are on sale now.

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