Random Gallery: Snow White Zombie Tattoos

You ever find yourself trapped at work, surrounded by the undead hordes and seeing your attention to your job waning? Desperate to get through the day you do what every dedicated and hard working employee does. Random Google searches.

I decided to play a game to help me get through. I did a random search on Google and the first image that came up was actually Disneyland. So my next search was Disneyland and zombies.  The first few images that came up were Snow White so I decided that she would be the topic of this post.

Now, I am by no means even remotely qualified to judge tattoos. Besides watching a couple of seasons of Ink Master and whatever show Kat Von D had back in the day, I have no experience with tattoos. Want one. Have none.

But I’ve always considered it one of the coolest art forms. And from the few artists I’ve had the pleasure to know, every one of them sees things in different ways. Each use their skill, technique and creativity to express their vision on their chosen medium. When that medium is the human body, tattoos are both everlasting and unforgiving. Sorta like zombies!

Here are some of the Zombie Snow White Tattoos I found, enjoy!

Brain Eating Zombie Snow White

This is the zombie Snow White tattoo that came up first when I started my search.

It gets the point across and has some nice color. 

It might not have some of the detail that others in this list display but that’s the cool thing about art. It’s subjective and to me, this is a fun, zombie tattoo!

Photo: SheKnows.com

Black & Grey Snow White

Going back to different styles and techniques, I’ve always liked black & grey tattoo art.

I found a lot of Snow White tattoos with this style though few that completely relied on black and grey.

The artist also went for a lot more detail than most others seem to attempt.

Photo: TattooMagz.com

Black & Grey Snow White Has Blood All Over

Black and grey tattoos can look awesome on their own but sometimes the tattoo artists likes to accentuate the piece with a little color.

This tattoo of a black and white Snow White really pops after the artist used color for the blood and brain apple.

This is one of my favorites!

Photo: Tattoodo.com Able Perez

A Colorful Snow White

This is a cool piece by Kandi Killjoy … and I love that name too!

This colorful Snow White and in particular the spine and innards, really pops.

It’s funny, many of the Snow White tattoos I’m finding have her ripped open and missing her bottom half. Between space and complexity I can see why, but I’ll have to find some full body shots.

Photo: TattooCloud or on Facebook: Kandi Killjoy

Now This Is A Zombie Snow White Tattoo

Another one of my favorites, this to me, has the most authentic zombie feel to it.

Incredible detail, graphic realism and just a bit of the old ultraviolence in it!

I’d love to know who did this to give them proper credit. Comment below if you know!

Photo: TattooDo.com

The Most Disney Of The Zombie Snow Whites?

I love this zombie Snow White as I think it captures the “Disney” essence the most of those listed.

Great color and detail in both the bite but also the expression on her face.

Even the color of her arms and how the veins show, it’s just a really incredible piece.

Photo: NathansTattoos.com Marco Antonio

These are just some of the tattoos I found based on Snow White being a zombie. I’m actually going to be creating some galleries of zombie tattoos as I found some truly incredible pieces of art out there.

In the interim, below are a few other notable tattoos I found with the Zombie Snow White theme.


Other Zombie Snow White Tattoos

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