Steven Yuen Cancels, Lauren Cohan Added To Fan Expo Vancouver

Those eagerly awaiting the chance to meet “Glenn” from AMC’s The Walking Dead now understand the disappointment that Norman Reedus fans experienced last year and Tom Felton fans are well accustomed to.

We’ll see what happens with Tom Felton, he is still in the line up, but having cancelled three years in a row no one is really betting on seeing Draco this year.

No reason was given for Steven’s cancellation this year beyond the usual “other commitments” blurb that follow these announcements.  Already multiple people have posted on Facebook and message boards how they are upset as he was the main reason for their attendance. lauren_cohan We hope he can make it next year … maybe with Norman!

As mentioned this happened with Norman Reedus, among others, last year, although Michael Rooker stepped up and made a lot of fans with his inspired attitude, discussions and … let’s say it … attendance.

The really good news though, is that Lauren Cohan, Glenn’s better half from The Walking Dead has just been added to the lineup.  Here’s hoping that over the next few weeks, no one messes with the Cohan and she is able to successfully attend!

Jon Heder has also had to cancel due to an “other commitment,” which is a sitcom that he will be starring in that features Malcolm in the Middle actress Jane Kaczmarek.  Jon plays her 30 something son who lives at home with Jane’s character in Here’s Your Damn Family.  Things take a turn when her new husband moves in with his family and hilarity ensues … or something like that. No zombies as far as we can tell.


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