Survival Tip – Look Down

You know you do it. You look left, you look right, ahead and even behind you.
you are tuned in to watching for zombies in every direction around you.
You need to look down as well. No one is cutting their lawns anymore. Landscaping has gone the way of the dodo bird.
Long grass hides wee walkers. Rubble and debris hide crawlers.
Let’s face it, not everyone is a crack shot. Lots of the undead have been broken and even cut up, some the early ones, are even falling apart to a certain extent.
This means they are still coming at you, but there are more crawlers than ever.
Looking for supplies in a hospital? Bad call in the first place, but whatever you do, stay away from the nursery!

Image: The Walking Dead - AMC
Image: The Walking Dead – AMC

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