The real reason Adrian Dix steps down as BC NDP party leader: Zombie infection

Anytime a political leader steps down, we need to look back and remember movies like Deep Impact.
The movie, while a work of fiction, brought to light a solid fact.  Politicians generally know more than they tell and they usually know it ahead of the rest of us.dix1

In the movie, a reporter played by Tea Leoni investigates the Secretary of the Treasury who has voluntarily resigned.  In her investigation it is revealed that he resigned due to an “Ellie,” someone Leoni’s character thinks the Secretary may have had an affair with.  It turns out that Ellie is actually E.L.E., an acronym for Extinction Level Event.

Now, when we see a leader of a political party, even one that is not in power stepping down, it’s always a trigger to increase your situational awareness until the full story comes out.

In this case, the cover story is that Adrian Dix is using the failed election bid and the campaign mistakes made as the reason for stepping down.  He and his people are saying all the right things, but look past the shiny, happy sound bites being put out and you see a darker more ominous message.dix3

“I will not rest until there is an NDP government in British Columbia,” sounds like an individual pledging his support to his party, but trim the fat on his statement and Adrian Dix is telling us that he will not rest.  A classic symptom of the undead.

Further to that, he says the following: “I could have done a better job, and I’ll reflect on that for a long, long time.”  Clearly stating he has eternal life brought on by the zombie plague he has been infected with.

Finally, the facts are supported by Vancouver Kingsway MP Don Davies, who on one hand says Adrian Dix was one of the “finest” MLAs the province has had.  He then goes on to say, “This is not the end for Dix.”  Mr. Davies use of “was” inplies in the past, or no more as in Adrian Dix is no more.  When he states “This is not the end for Dix,” it’s apparent that Mr. Davies is aware that Adrian Dix is infected and will continue his existance as a member of the undead.

This one act by the NDP party leader has confirmed multiple things for the general public.

1. The zombie plague exists and the zombie apocalypse is upon us.
2. Politicians are, if infected, looking after each other.  Most likely in an attempt to last until a cure is found.
3. Adrian Dix is infected and waiting to turn into a zombie at any time, although as the picture below shows, it may have already happened.

dix 2
Adrian Dix seen eating some poor victim. Possibly Brian Topp. Or a french fry because they are yummy too.


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