The Walking Dead Risk & Monopoly

Take two classic board games loved by millions around the world.  Add one cultural phenomena spanning print, television and more, and what do you get?
Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition and Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition.2

Hasbro is releasing both games late September/early October and while not to the level of video games like Call of Duty: Ghosts or GTA V, both games are expected to do phenomenal sales.

The Walking Dead version of Monopoly features game play where money has no value and players make deals by trading food, fuel and ammunition with the goal of the game to stay alive and gain more ground.  There is no more Boardwalk or Marvin Gardens, the properties have all been replaced with classic Walking Dead locations like Woodbury, the Greene family farm and prison cells.

The Walking Dead edition of Risk has a map based on the geographical location of the series, namely the Southeastern United States, broken into 32 territories.  Players battle one another, but also must compete with randomly spawning zombie hordes that will attempt to invade your territories.  In addition, special event cards feature familiar moments from the show.

Both games will be fantastic additions to your bunker and are guaranteed to make those sleepless nights where the zombie hordes are scratching on the out sides of your walls a lot more fun!

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